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Clinton J. Wright




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Dedicated to Shooters and Their Guns

Lacombe Gunsmith & Machine has been owned and run by Clinton Wright, since 1983. Clinton has operated the business part time, until 1998 when he decided to open full Time.

He is dedicated to shooters and their guns. Catering to all types of shooters, whether they are target shooters, competitive shooters, hunters and or law enforcement. Providing quality craftsmanship for all his clients.

Clinton is a graduate of "Modern Gun Repair School" of Scottsdale, Arizona (1983).

Clinton is a member in good standing with:

"National Rifle Association"

"National Association Federal License Firearm Dealers"

"The American Gunsmithing Association"

"Cast Bullet Association, Inc"








PHONE:  (985) 882-7030

TOLL FREE: 1-888-344-3843

FAX:  (985) 882-7030




Last modified: July 29, 2004